Voice first gaming experience

Voice first gaming experience

Article on speech recognition technology for gaming

Gaming has been one of the most successful entertainment industries right when it started in a digital version. Today Gaming is a multi-billion dollar industry. Not only kids but even for adults, the digital game has been their favorite pass-time.

From the era of pre console to modern-day Xbox the history of gaming is quite a remarkable journey. With the evolution of gaming consoles the evolution of game controllers has also evolved from the early gamepad, joystick to keyboard, and touch screen, we have seen it all.

Just when we are in a phase of getting comfortable with touch games another disrupter is waiting to explode and yes,  that’s voice first game or voice-first experience. Amazon is already leading the pack with its powerful Amazon’s Alexa Skills Kit (ASK). You can create games with the help of Alexa Presentation Language.

Also, you can create voice games for android and ios devices as well.

You can build voice-based games for children utilities like quiz, multiple answer questions, faqs, and more.

Few voice-based games built on voice-first experience are:

  • Chicken Scream
  • Big Mouth
  • One Hand Clapping
  • Resonance
  • Full Voice Throttle

Comment below your favorite voice game!

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