Keywords Everywhere Alternative Chrome Extension

Keywords Everywhere Alternative Chrome Extension WMS Everywhere

Are you looking for a keyword Everywhere chrome alternative SEO tool? Here is a free alternative.

Keywords Everywhere is most of the SEO community’s favorite SEO tool for a long time. The ability to fetch and display keyword search volume data and most importantly the Cost Per Click value made it a hot favorite. In 2019, the tool stopped the search volume CPC and other features for free and went on to the paid model.

Well, we have a similar keyword tool to Keywords Everywhere and it is WMS Everywhere. It is a chrome extension and works very much similar to Keywords Everywhere. Unlike KE, it does not require a Key, instead, it will ask you to log in and get going.

Here are the key features of WMS Everywhere extension.

  • Related Keywords (About 8 results)
  • Search Volume data
  • Search volume CPC
  • People also searched for

It also provides monthly search volume and search volume CPC competition data right under the Google search bar for the Googled phrase.

WMS Everywhere - Features
WMS Everywhere – Features

A good feature is that you get to choose the country dropdown to get the custom search results as per the country. You can see this change from the little flag icon. Click on the gear icon to get the dropdown.

WMS Everywhere - Country settings
WMS Everywhere – Country settings

In the example below, you can see the difference in the result for the keyword “digital marketing” for the United Kingdom and India. The results are fetched from and respectively. The auto-detect feature does a fair job of getting you the result from

WMS Everywhere - UK results
WMS Everywhere – UK results
 WMS Everywhere - IN results
WMS Everywhere – IN results

Also, there is a nice toggle button to switch off the extension. If you happen to have Keywords everywhere chrome extension as well, then the WMS Everywhere extension will supersede the extension to display the information. Take a look at the images below.

Alternate free tools for keyword research:

  • 1. Keyword Surfer
  • 2. LSI Graph
  • 3. Ubersuggest

We expect more options like competition and export options to roll out in the future. We need to test further on the accuracy of the data and will update soon.

Please subscribe to us to receive the details. Also, comment below if you are using this tool or if this was helpful. Share it with others as well.


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  1. Hello there, thanks for the great article! You’ve written it in great detail.

    Writing this comment to let you know that I’ve come across a new option to keyword research that can be added to your list, LiveKeywords. It is a Chrome extension that provides important information such as search volume, CPC, competition, and related searches all from your search result pages!

    It’s simple and easy to use so do give it a look:

    1. Hi Winnie,
      Thank you and we would add it after testing. Thank you for letting us know.

  2. Merci pour le partage.

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